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Course number HE646S
Length 3 days
Delivery method* Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $2,400
CAD $2,640
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Special Note

  1. HP strongly recommends the 2 day HE643S Introduction to HP ProLiant Servers course also to learn about HP products, tools, agents, and utilities such as iLO, IRC, CLI, HP SUM, SPP products and tools to simplify the installation, deployment, configuration, firmware updates and maintenance of HP ISS/ProLiant servers and HP BladeSystem c-class Enclosures.
  2. This HE646S course (along with the 2 day HE643S Introduction to HP ProLiant Servers course and 3 day H4C04S HP OneView Administration course) provides skills to manage your HP BladeSystem environment.
  3. Students will perform their hands-on labs using remote access to the HP c-Class BladeSystem and Enclosures within our state-of-art HP Virtual Labs datacenter.

To purchase, use one of the following method of payments or contact your HP sales or HP reseller representative:

  • Credit card or Purchase Order
  • HP Care Pack Total Education One (U5466#4NK/UC818E)– quantity 24 units –purchase standalone or with services quote
  • HP Services Support Contract Attach (HA167AC) - $2400 USD/$2640 CAD
  • HP Care Pack for ProLiant Training (Day Rate CarePack) (HF385E/HF385A1) - quantity 3 units – when attached with HP product quote
  • This Course version includes HP Gen8 and HP Gen9 features and hands-on labs

Course overview

This 3-day course provides instruction on HP BladeSystem administration and management. Discussion of the portfolio overview ensures an understanding of components, configurations, and solutions.


  • System administrators, engineers and consultants who install, manage, and monitor the HP BladeSystem c-Class environment
  • New HP BladeSystem customers or past customers who purchased Gen9 or earlier HP c-Class servers


HP recommends that students have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:

  • Introduction to HP ProLiant Servers (HE643S) or similar experience is recommended

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Explore the functional architecture of the BladeSystem c-Class environment, including management infrastructure (Insight Display, Onboard Administrator), power and cooling and servers
  • Review the BladeSystem c-Class Portfolio and equipment capabilities
  • Introduce Virtual Connect (basic concepts)

Benefits to you

  • Gain the ability to perform successful site planning and infrastructure design needed to deploy an HP BladeSystem c-Class solution
  • Understand the various management tools and tasks required in the solution
  • Be able to perform effective local and remote administration using the Onboard Administrator

Next steps

  • HP Virtual Connect (HK758S)
  • HP Insight Control: Management Fundamentals (HK756S)
  • HP Insight Control: Management Master (HK757S)
  • HP OneView Administration (H4C04S)
  • HP ConvergedSystem Administration (H7H03S)

Course outline

Module 1: HP BladeSystem Portfolio Introduction

  • Identify resources for information about the current HP c-Class BladeSystem portfolio
  • Differentiate the two types of HP BladeSystem enclosures
  • Identify HP BladeSystem ProLiant servers
  • Identify HP Integrity server blades
  • Describe other components in the BladeSystem c-Class portfolio:-adapters and mezzanines, interconnects, storage options
  • Describe BladeSystem infrastructure management tools and solutions: HP OneView management appliance, HP Smart Update solution, HP Smart Update Manager, HP Service Pack for ProLiant, HP Insight Control, and HP Insight Online with Insight Remote Support
  • Define the warranty and support options for HP BladeSystem solutions

Module 2: HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures

  • Describe the BladeSystem c-Class enclosures
  • Describe the c-Class enclosure structure
  • Explain c-Class enclosure signal pathing for mezzanines and interconnects
  • Define the enclosure numbering scheme
  • Explain how to access the HP Onboard Administrator

Module 3: HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure and infrastructure configuration and management

  • Describe the initial steps involved in setting up the c7000 enclosure using the: HP BladeSystem Insight Display and the Onboard Administrator First Time Setup Wizard
  • Describe BladeSystem c-Class high availability features
  • Describe the Onboard Administrator configuration options
  • Describe configuration options with Onboard Administrator CLI

Module 4: HP BladeSystem Power and Cooling

  • Explain how to configure power for a BladeSystem c-Class enclosure
  • Explain how to control/view power consumption in a c-Class enclosure
  • Describe HP Intelligent Location and Power Discovery services
  • Describe the structural cooling components and features

Module 5: HP BladeSystem c-Class servers, storage, tape, and expansion blades

  • Identify the distinctions between the currently shipping ProLiant servers
  • Describe the technologies on the ProLiant system board:-Mezzanines-USB and SD cards-Embedded LOM and FlexibleLOM
  • Identify c-Class Integrity servers and their requirements
  • Describe the server iLO interaction with the OA
  • Manage certain options of your server blades from the OA GUI
  • Describe the features and components of: storage blades, tape blades, expansion blades

Module 6: HP BladeSystem c-Class Connectivity Options

  • Describe the HP c-Class interconnect module architecture
  • List the c-Class interconnect modules:-Ethernet-Fibre Channel-InfiniBand and SAS
  • Describe the mezzanine cards and connectors available on the c-Class server blades
  • Describe BladeSystem c7000 and c3000 enclosure port mapping

Module 7: HP Virtual Connect overview

  • Define the benefits of HP BladeSystem solutions with HP Virtual Connect technology
  • escribe Virtual Connect technology and its main components
  • Identify ways to use Virtual Connect technology in a data center
  • Describe the VC Flex technology
  • escribe the VC FlexFabric Fibre Channel storage with 3PAR solution

Module 8: HP BladeSystem c-Class firmware

  • Determine what firmware is embedded in various components in the enclosure and how to update it
  • Explain how to access the HP SPP and supporting documentation
  • Describe how to update firmware for the HP OA using Enclosure Firmware Management
  • Explain how to implement HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure firmware
  • Explain how to update firmware embedded in the OA for a blade enclosure

Module 9: Course Close

  • Closing
  • Learning Objectives
    • Participant Learning Goals
  • Training from HP Education Services
  • HP Education Services
  • HP ExpertOne Certification
  • Concepts
  • HE646 Course Objectives
  • Review:
  • Energizers
    • Conversations
    • Eye on Blades Blog: Trends in Infrastructure
    • HP BladeSystem for Client Virtualization
    • HP Discover Conference
  • Case Studies
    • HP Server Customer Case Studies

Lab 0: Navigating the HPVL

Lab 1: Using the BladeSystem Insight Display

Lab 2: Using the Onboard Administrator GUI

Lab 3: Using the Onboard Administrator CLI

Lab 4: Managing Power with the Onboard Administrator

Lab 5: Using HP BladeSystem c-Class port mapping–c7000

Lab 6: Using HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure-based USB devices

Lab 7: Using the HP Service Pack for ProLiant

Lab 8: Using the HP Power Advisor

Appendix Lab A: Exploring HP Virtual Connect Manager

Appendix Lab B: Using Enclosure Firmware Management

HE646S - K.00