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Course number HE642S
Length 1 day
Delivery method* Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $800
CND $880
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Course overview

This seminar provides a detailed introduction to the HP Converged Infrastructure and its component pieces. Areas covered include the HP Virtual Resource Pools (storage and servers), HP Data Center Smart Grid (Thermal Logic, Insight Control power management, Performance-Optimized Datacenters, and power sizing tools), HP FlexFabric Network (Virtual Connect Flex-10, Intelligent Resilient Framework, Intelligent Management Center, and the TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework), and HP Matrix Operating Environment (Matrix OE for ProLiant and Integrity HP-UX), and Infrastructure orchestration.

Additional areas covered:

Logical server management, Capacity Advisor, recovery management, Storage Provisioning Manager, Global Workload Manager, Instant Capacity, Partition Manager, and Integrity Virtual Server Manager).


  • A basic understanding of the HP C-class BladeSystem would be beneficial

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Course objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain why organizations are moving toward IT infrastructure convergence
  • Describe the HP Converged Infrastructure, its architecture, attributes, and components
  • List and describe components and products of each HP Converged Infrastructure pillar:
    • Virtual Resource Pools
    • FlexFabric
    • Data Center Smart Grid
    • Matrix Operating Environment
  • Describe and position HP Converged Systems
  • Explain what services applicable to data center transformation HP offers

Benefits to you

After this course you will have an understanding of HP's Converged Infrastructure strategy and its component pieces.

Course outline

Module 1: Why infrastructure convergence?
  • IT sprawl and resources tied up in operations
  • What is causing the change?
  • Today’s data centers and data center of the future
  • Traditional IT processes vs. converged infrastructure processes
  • Stages of IT maturity
  • Journey to infrastructure convergence
  • Destination
Module 2: What is HP Converged Infrastructure?
  • What is HP Converged Infrastructure?
  • HP Converged Infrastructure requirements
  • HP Converged Infrastructure architecture
  • HP Converged Infrastructure components
Module 3: HP Virtual Resource Pools
  • HP server portfolio
  • HP ProLiant Gen8 servers and its features
    • New Intel Xeon processors
    • HP SmartDrive
    • HP SmartMemory
    • HP FlexibleLOMs
    • GPGPUs
    • HP iLO Management Engine
    • iLO 4
    • Intelligent Provisioning
    • Agentless Management
    • Active Health System
    • HP Insight Online
    • Location and Power Discovery services
  • HP BladeSystem and its components
    • HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure family
    • HP BladeSystem c-Class c7000 enclosure
    • HP BladeSystem c-Class c3000 enclosure
    • HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades
    • Mezzanine slots and cards
    • Server blade families
    • Storage and tape blades
    • Interconnects
    • HP BladeSystem c-Class management
  • HP storage
    • Established storage platforms
    • HP converged storage
Module 4: HP FlexFabric
  • Enabling next-generation data centers
  • FlexNetwork
  • HP FlexFabric
  • HP Virtual Connect
  • Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
  • Virtual Application Networks
  • HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework
  • HP Intelligent Management Center
  • HP Data Center Interconnect
  • HP Networking
Module 5: HP Data Center Smart Grid
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Building an energy-efficient data center
  • Power management – Thermal Logic
  • Power management – Sea of Sensors
  • Power management – Intelligent Power Discovery
  • Power management – Power Regulator for ProLiant
  • Power management – Intelligent Power Management
  • HP Power Capping
  • HP Power Advisor
  • HP BladeSystem Power Sizer
  • HP Performance Optimized Datacenters
Module 6: HP Matrix Operating Environment
  • HP Matrix Operating Environment components
    • HP Matrix OE visualization
    • HP Matrix OE logical server management
    • HP Capacity Advisor
    • HP Capacity Advisor Consolidation software
    • HP Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration
    • HP Matrix OE recovery management
    • HP Storage Provisioning Manager
    • Application Discovery
    • HP Global Workload Manager
    • HP Instant Capacity software
    • Partition Manager
    • HP Integrity Virtual Server Manager
  • HP Cloud Service Automation for Matrix
Module 7: HP Converged Systems
  • HP Converged Systems – AppSystems
    • HP AppSystems portfolio
    • Real-time analytics demands
    • HP Vertica Analytics System
  • HP Converged Systems – VirtualSystem
  • HP Converged Systems – CloudSystem
    • HP CloudSystem offerings
    • HP Cloud Maps
    • Cloud bursting
  • Investment protection
Module 8: HP Services
  • Complete consulting and support services
  • Start Services to accelerate productivity
  • HP Critical Facilities Services
  • HP Financial Services
  • Enterprise Cloud Services
  • Choose the best delivery model
  • Start your journey now

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