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Course number HE548S
Length 3 days
Delivery method* Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
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Course overview

This 3-day course presents a requirements management process and shows the significance of requirements management throughout the project lifecycle, particularly as requirements change during development. The course emphasizes the necessity of identifying all project stakeholders—both internal and external—to identify requirements and manage stakeholder involvement throughout the project.


  • Formal project management training such as that available in the Project Management Fundamentals (HC577S) course plus other core project management courses


  • This course is intended for project managers interested in best practices that apply to diverse projects in multiple industries. It is especially suited for people seeking project management certification
  • By successfully completing this course, the participant earns 21 educational contact hours or PDUs which may be applied to meet PMI® requirements for initial or continuing certification requirements

Course objectives

Learn how to:

  • Explain the importance of requirements for project success
  • Create successful projects through effective requirements management
  • Determine the project requirements baseline in conjunction with stakeholders
  • Discuss the components a Requirements Management Plan
  • Manage requirements-related risks
  • Use verification and validation methods to align deliverables with requirements and expectations
  • Manage the project to meet requirements
  • Prepare for stakeholder product acceptance and approval
  • Discuss best practices for requirements management
  • Develop an Action Plan to put the course concepts into practice

Next steps

  • Managing Multiple Projects (HE549S) or other advanced Project Management topics leading to recognition of your knowledge and skill by passing the Project Management certification examination appropriate to your country or region

Benefits to you

  • Identify and manage stakeholder expectations
  • Recognize and manage interfaces
  • Write "good" requirements the first time
  • Avoid scope creep
  • Use validation and verification methods

Course outline

Overview of Requirements Management

  • Differences between project and product requirements
  • How requirements relate to business needs
  • Importance of balancing the competing constraints around requirements
  • Requirements management as the most valuable key to a successful project
  • The costs of poor requirements management
  • Challenges to managing requirements well
  • Requirements management processes in the project management lifecycle
  • Developing the Requirements Management Plan

Stakeholders and Requirements Management

  • The role of stakeholders in the requirements management process
  • Determining project scope and requirements
  • The criteria of sound, well defined requirements
  • Defining project work from the requirements and the deliverable-based WBS
  • The use of progressive elaboration in requirements management
  • Determining requirements prioritization
  • Setting the requirements baseline
  • Implementing requirements traceability throughout the project

Managing Requirements Risk

  • The relationship between requirements and risks
  • Identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, and planning for requirements risk
  • Managing requirements risks in your project

Verifying and Validating Requirements

  • Ensuring correct deliverables
  • The Vee model approach to V&V
  • Verification methods and validation methods
  • Verification and validation in practice

Managing Projects to Meet Requirements

  • Managing baselines and the importance of small corrections
  • Tracking progress to the requirements baseline using Performance Management techniques
  • Managing trade-offs in the competing constraints
  • Managing the requirements baseline
  • The importance of rigorous change management
  • Establishing a change control system

Acceptance and Approval

  • Preparing for customer review of deliverables
  • Determining acceptance criteria
  • Conducting stakeholder validation and acceptance

Requirements Management Best Practices

  • The importance of the Requirements Management plan for project success
  • Best practices for managing requirements in projects

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