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Course number HE537S
Length 3 days
Delivery method Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
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Course overview

Leadership & Communication Skills for Project Managers explains the challenges and issues concerning leadership and how to best meet these challenges. It evaluates various motivational approaches; helps you assess your own personal styles; describes barriers to team performance and the stages of team development; and explains how to best resolve conflicts, manage agreement, and enhance communications effectiveness. This course is consistent with the knowledge areas of Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Course title: Leadership and Communication Skills for Project Managers HP product number: HE537S Category/Subcategory: Project Management Course length: 3 days - 21 PDUs Level: Intermediate Delivery language: Varies by country To order: You can order this course online at At the site, select a country, then choose "registration" or "Book a course" and fill out the online registration form Business Need Project management success depends on more


  • A comprehensive introductory project management course such as Project Management Fundamentals (HC577S)


  • This course is intended for project managers interested in best practices that apply to diverse projects in multiple industries. It is especially suited for people seeking project management certification
  • By successfully completing this course, the participant earns 21 educational contact hours or PDUs which may be applied to meet PMI® requirements for initial or continuing certification requirements

Course objectives

Learn how to:
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and apply proven techniques in leading teams
  • Apply communication best practices in projects
  • Evaluate different motivational approaches
  • Identify the benefits of using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) in working with project teams
  • Create high-performance project teams
  • Identify and resolve conflicts by practicing five different conflict resolution approaches

Next steps

  • Integrated Cost and Schedule Control (HE538S) or Earned Value Management in Projects (HE539S) plus other advanced Project Management topics leading to recognition of your knowledge and skill by passing the Project Management certification appropriate to your country or region

Benefits to you

  • Gain skills that will help you elicit maximum performance from every member of your team
  • Assess and understand your leadership skills and opportunities

Course outline

Lesson 1: Leadership and the Project Manager

  • Overview
  • Leaders & Managers
  • Leadership Today
  • Challenges Leading Project Teams
  • Project Manager Roles
  • Developing Leadership
  • Lesson Summary

Lesson 2: Communications in Projects

  • Class Activity: ABCs of Communicating
  • Project Communications Management
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Plan Communications
  • Communications Management Plan
  • Manage Communication
  • Communication Barriers
  • Components of A Message
  • Techniques: "Nuts & Bolts"
  • Effective Project Meetings
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Control Communications
  • Lesson Summary


Lesson 3: Motivational Approaches

  • Motivation Defined
  • Common Motivation Mistakes
  • Motivation Theories
  • Major Stages in a Career
  • Career Anchors
  • Best Practices for Motivating Team Members
  • Lesson Summary

Lesson 4: Using the MBTI®

  • Background on the MBTI®
  • The MBTI® & Teams
  • MBTI® Guidelines
  • MBTI® Scales
  • Discovering Your “Best Fit” Type
  • Extraversion and Introversion (E/I)
  • Sensing and Intuition (S/N)
  • Thinking and Feeling (T/F)
  • The “Z” Problem-solving Model
  • Judging and Perceiving (J/P)
  • Determining the Team's Type
  • Function Lens
  • Dynamic Lens
  • Order of Preferences for Each Type
  • Reacting to Stress
  • Lesson Summary

Lesson 5: Effective Teams

  • Definitions
  • Role of Project Manager in Developing Teams
  • High-performance Teams
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Group Dynamics
  • Barriers to Team Performance
  • Virtual Teams
  • Diverse Teams
  • Lesson Summary

Lesson 6: Managing Conflict & Agreement

  • Conflict Basics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Consensus Decision Making
  • Lesson Summary
The Abilene Paradox & Managing Agreement

Lesson 7: Action Planning

  • Action plan

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