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Course number H4C11S
Length 2 days
Delivery method* Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $1,600
CAD $1,760
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Course overview

This course is designed for experienced Serviceguard on HP-UX administrators who will be implementing Serviceguard A.12.00 on Linux. Topics include the major differences between the implementations, in particular the installation of Serviceguard, the active/standby LAN interface mechanism using Linux NIC bonding and LVM volume group activation using hosttags. The course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on labs using Linux version RHEL 6.4.


  • HP-UX System and Network Administration I (H3064S) and HP-UX System and Network Administration II (H3065S) or
  • HP-UX System and Network Administration for Experienced UNIX® System Administrators (H5875S) and
  • HP-UX Logical Volume Manager (H6285S) and
  • Linux administration experience, although useful, is not essential


  • Experienced Serviceguard on HP-UX system administrators who may have attended HP Serviceguard I (H6487S) or have equivalent HP Serviceguard administration experience

Ways to save

Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Configure a Serviceguard cluster and packages on Linux
  • Understand the differences between Serviceguard on HP-UX and Linux
  • Configure an Oracle 11gR2 database package using the Oracle toolkit, the cluster simulator, and analytics utilities

Benefits to you

  • Protect your mission critical applications against a wide variety of hardware and software failures through effective use of Serviceguard on Linux
  • Reduce your application downtime to near zero by learning how to configure your Serviceguard cluster and using Serviceguard's rolling upgrade facility
  • Minimize, and in some instances eliminate, your application downtime by learning how to automate the detection of failures and restoration of application service

Course outline


  • Objectives
  • Prerequisites
  • What the course IS and IS NOT

Linux Device Files

  • Disk storage
  • Partitions and swap
  • /proc
  • Network interfaces

Storage for Serviceguard

  • Disk storage management overview
  • Persistent reservations using SCSI-3
  • Review of LVM concepts
  • Configure a shared LVM volume group
  • Review of VxVM concepts
  • Configure a shared VxVM data group
  • Configure and use hosttags
  • HP-UX and Linux VG activation differences

Channel Bonding in Linux

  • Standby LAN differences in HP-UX and Linux
  • HP-UX active/standby LAN
  • Linux active/standby LAN using channel bonding
  • Configuring Linux channel bonding

Serviceguard Install

  • Software installation differences in HP-UX and Linux
  • Prerequisite software packages for HP Serviceguard A.12.00
  • Install Serviceguard A.12.00
  • Using ‘cmeasyinstall’
  • Install and configure the Serviceguard Quorum server
  • Install Serviceguard Manager

Serviceguard HP-UX Linux Differences

  • Network discovery and monitoring
  • Volume management
  • File systems
  • Configure a shared LVM volume group
  • Serviceguard directories and files

Cluster Configuration

  • Steps to configure a Serviceguard cluster
  • Configure a LockLun
  • Convert a running cluster to use a Quorum server
  • View the cluster status
  • The cluster log file

Packages and Services

  • Review package concepts
  • Modular packages
  • Create and configure a Serviceguard package using shared storage
  • The package log file
  • Configure and use hosttags

Serviceguard Toolkits

  • Describe the available Serviceguard on Linux toolkits
  • Using the Oracle toolkit to create an Oracle 11gR2 package
  • Testing the Oracle package

Cluster Simulation

  • Investigate the simulator interface and actions

Cluster Analytics

  • Install the Analytics utility
  • Display data collected by Serviceguard Cluster Analytics

Serviceguard Manager

  • Discuss the components of Serviceguard Manager
  • Navigate the Serviceguard Manager interface

H4C11S - C.00