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Course number H4B96S
Length 3 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $2,700
CAD $2,970
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Special notes

i)HP ExpertOne Certification course SABA ID for this course: 00477433

ii) This course prepares you for  HP ExpertOne  HP ASE – Cloud Integrator V1 certification track.

Course overview

The Implementing HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions course prepares the participant to implement a private cloud environment based on the HP CloudSystem Matrix solution. The Implementing HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions course prepares new candidates for the HP ASE – Cloud Integrator V1 certification within the HP ExpertOne program.


  • HP ATP – Converged Infrastructure Integrator
  • HP ATP – Cloud Administrator
  • Students should have basic implementation knowledge of the HP Converged Infrastructure and its components, including HP servers, storage, networking, power and cooling, software, security, and services, and skills for administering the HP CloudSystem Matrix environment


An HP employee, a channel partner, or a customer who needs to learn the implementation tasks of a private cloud environment built on HP CloudSystem Matrix.

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Course objectives

Upon its completion, you should be able to:

  • Describe and position the HP Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem portfolios
  • Describe the HP Converged Infrastructure and HP Cloud Functional Reference Architectures
  • List, describe, and perform the HP CloudSystem Matrix pre-installation, installation, configuration, and post-installation tasks
  • Troubleshoot the HP CloudSystem Matrix environment

Course outline

Module 1: HP CloudSystem Matrix Technology Overview

  • Describe and position the HP Converged Systems portfolio
  • Describe and compare the HP CloudSystem offerings: HP CloudSystem Matrix, HP CloudSystem Enterprise, and HP CloudSystem Service Provider

Module 2: HP Converged Infrastructure and HP Cloud Functional Reference Architectures

  • Describe the HP Converged Infrastructure Reference Architecture
  • Describe the HP Cloud Functional Reference Architecture: Demand layer, Delivery layer and Supply layer

Module 3: HP CloudSystem Matrix Pre-installation Tasks

  • Outline the installation and configuration process
  • Obtain and review the customer requirements document
  • List and describe the requirements/prerequisites
  • Discover and inventory a given Converged Infrastructure environment
  • Assess the functional gaps
  • Perform the maintenance tasks
  • Validate installation and configuration of required components and perform operational verification

Module 4: HP CloudSystem Matrix Software Installation and Configuration

  • Verify the Insight Management software installation
  • Validate the CMS installation and configuration
  • Run the initial discovery tasks and the Managed System Setup Wizard
  • Identify the necessary steps to configure the resource pools
  • List the requirements/prerequisites to integrate CSA for Matrix
  • Describe the steps to validate the SA integration
  • Validate the SiteScope integration
  • Discover the SA interfaces
  • Perform an operating system deployment with SA
  • Describe HP Cloud Maps

Module 4 - Lab 1: Post HP Insight Management Software Installation Discovery Tasks

  • Check the discovery tasks to discover and manage the CloudSystem Matrix environment
  • Add licenses to HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
  • Configure the management devices in the Domain Name System (DNS)

Module 4 - Lab 2: Configuring HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

  • Log into the HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) and create a domain group

Module 4 - lab 3: Managing Storage Pool Entries

  • Create a Vdisk LUN
  • Create storage pool entries using the Storage Provisioning Manager (SPM)
  • Manage storage pool entries using SPM
  • Present storage pool entries using SPM

Module 4 - Lab 4: Validating the Server Automation Integration

  • Validate the proper Server Automation integration

Module 4 -Lab 5: Validating the SiteScope Integration

  • Validate the proper SiteScope integration

Module 4 - Lab 6: Exploring the HP Server Automation Architecture and Interfaces

  • Access the SAS Web Client
  • Install and run the SA Client
  • Explore your server group’s lab environment using the SAS Web Client and SA Client

Module 4 - Lab 7: Exploring the SiteScope Interface

  • Add a server to SiteScope
  • Add a simple monitor to this server

Module 4 - Lab 8: Provisioning Operating Systems with HP Server Automation

  • Create an un-provisioned VM
  • Create an OS sequence that can be used to provision a Linux server
  • Run the OS sequence to provision the Linux server

Module 4 - lab 9: Importing HP Cloud Maps

  • Use the HP Infrastructure Orchestration Designer to import an HP Cloud Map to request a service instance and monitor that request
  • Make changes to the Cloud Map
  • Implement the Cloud Map

Module 5: Post-installation tasks and troubleshooting

  • Identify the necessary post -installation tasks
  • Perform installation and configuration-related troubleshooting

Module 5 - lab: Troubleshooting the HP CloudSystem Matrix Environment

  • Use the most common troubleshooting tools
  • Find the appropriate system log files

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