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Course number H4264S
Length 5 days
Delivery method* Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $4,000
CAD $4,400
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Course overview

This course provides troubleshooting tools and procedures to find and fix HP-UX system problems. Concepts are refreshed before tools and techniques are examined. Critical thinking labs are provided using case studies, demonstrations, and hands-on break/fix labs. The course is 55 percent lecture and 45 percent hands-on labs using HP Integrity servers.


Experienced HP-UX system administrators


  • HP-UX System and Network Administration I (H3064S) and HP-UX System and Network Administration II (H3065S) or
  • HP-UX System and Network Administration for Experienced UNIX® System Administrators (H5875S) or
  • Equivalent experience

Ways to save

Benefits to you

  • Learn the techniques needed to troubleshoot and recover your system components
  • Understand fsck and the recovery options to restore lost data
  • Anticipate problems and minimize network downtime by using basic diagnostics tools
  • Ensure your network is operating properly by checking NFS and DNS functionality
  • Keep your system current by managing software patches

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Use the Management Processor for troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot EFI problems
  • Recover a non-bootable HP Integrity system or partition
  • Troubleshoot an 11i v3 kernel, system startup, and kernel crash dump
  • Troubleshoot process, login, patch, and storage problems
  • Troubleshoot LVM, VxVM, and VxFS problems
  • Troubleshoot network problems

Next Steps

  • HP-UX Logical Volume Manager (H6285S)
  • Inside HP-UX (H5081S)
  • HP-UX Performance and Tuning (H4262S)
  • HP-UX Partition Management (HG770S)

Course outline

Troubleshooting Methodology and Resources

  • Troubleshooting methodology and techniques
  • Troubleshooting resources
  • Common troubleshooting and monitoring tools

HP-UX Concepts Review

  • HP-UX structural overview
  • System calls and processes

Troubleshooting HP-UX Startup Files

  • Concepts review: system startup
  • System configuration files
  • Interrupting the rc start scripts
  • System startup links and sequence
  • Booting to single-user mode

Troubleshooting Process Problems

  • Concept review: What is a process?
  • Troubleshooting processes and memory problems
  • Zombie processes
  • Identifying CPU-intensive processes
  • Advanced system features, hyper-threading, NUMA, and LORA
  • Managing workloads and enhanced user core naming

Troubleshooting Storage

  • Concepts review: how I/O requests are processed
  • HP-UX hardware addressing
  • Storage device special files and slot addresses
  • Storage-related commands

Troubleshooting Logical Volumes

  • Concepts review: LVMs
  • Recovering lost or damaged structures
  • Missing device files and failed disks
  • VxVM structures
  • Restoring group configuration and recovering volumes

Troubleshooting File Systems

  • Concepts review: file system overview
  • File system corruption examples
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • fsck, fsadm, and fsdb

Troubleshooting Login Problems

  • Concept review: login methods
  • Troubleshooting GUI login
  • Protecting the system with /etc/shadow
  • Pluggable authentication modules

Troubleshooting Software and Patch Installation

  • Concept review: installing software
  • Patch management process and HP-UX patch management
  • Using DRD to install software and patches
  • Troubleshooting patches
  • Working with SD-UX logfiles and common SD-UX problems

Troubleshooting Network Problems

  • Networking subsystem layers
  • Troubleshooting configuration problems and the nwmgr command
  • Subnetting, routing, and DNS concepts and troubleshooting
  • Network tracing and performance
  • NFS review and common problems

Troubleshooting the Kernel

  • Concepts review: kernel configuration
  • Kernel troubleshooting and recovery options
  • Booting from an alternate kernel
  • Kernel crashes and analysis
  • Dump units and post-reboot configuration

Troubleshooting Hardware and Firmware

  • Concepts review: kernel provides hardware services to applications
  • Troubleshooting hardware and firmware
  • Management Processor overview and commands

Troubleshooting HP Integrity System Boot

  • Concepts review: HP Integrity boot disk structure
  • Booting from an alternate disk from EFI
  • Booting a DRD clone and booting alternatives
  • Recovery shell, system startup, and EFI recovery options
  • Partitions and booting: HP Integrity nPar and vPar boot sequence

H4264S - G.00