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Course number H1L27S
Length 3 days
Delivery method* Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $2,700
CAD $2,970
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Course overview

Servicing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions is a comprehensive course that delivers the technical information necessary to successfully troubleshoot HP rack mounted and tower servers and other HP server components like tape drives, or host adaptors. This training also covers basic management components like Systems Insight Manager and the iLO Management Engine. This training also covers important service procedures for the HP Rack and Tower Server products like firmware updates or restoring lost password and configuration backup/restore process.


  • Services, both internal HP and external

Certifications and Related Examinations

  • HP ATP – Rack & Tower Server Support V8
  • HP2-T25 - Servicing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions

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Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • This training is designed to help service specialists understand troubleshooting methods and tools used for HP rackmount and tower servers.
  • The Servicing HP Rackmount and Tower Solutions training prepares participants for the low-stakes exam, which measures the participant’s technical understanding of HP products.

Next steps

  • Industry Standard Architecture and Technology (HK751AAE)
  • Implementing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions, Rev. 12.41(#00588361/H1L26S)

Course outline

Module 1 - HP Rack and Tower Server Portfolio

  • Identify HP ProLiant and Integrity rack and tower server lines and series
  • Recognize technologies used in the Generation 8 (Gen8) family of HP ProLiant servers
  • Explain how to use the HP utilities that ship standard with ProLiant and Integrity servers
  • Describe the server boot process
  • Integrate a rack-mounted server into an HP rack

Module 2 - Configuring HP Server and Array Hardware

  • Identify the HP utilities used to configure HP servers and storage
  • Describe the process to upgrade the firmware on HP ProLiant servers
  • Configure ProLiant server hardware components
  • Configure a storage subsystem

Module 3 - HP Integrated Lights Out Management Engine

  • Identify iLO Management Engine components
  • Describe iLO Advanced enhancements
  • Identify iLO user interfaces
  • Describe iLO Remote Console
  • Explain iLO power management options

Module 4 - HP Insight Control

  • Describe the features and functions of Insight Control
  • Describe the features and functions of HP SIM
  • List the Insight Remote Support solutions

Module 5 - Storage Technologies for HP Servers

  • Explain the basic storage technologies for HP servers
  • List the HP Smart Array controllers and their features
  • Describe HP disk drive reliability and features
  • List the HP tape solutions and their features

Module 6 - Storage Solutions for HP Servers

  • Identify the storage solutions available for HP servers
  • List the HP data protection solutions

Module 7 - Power and Cooling in the Data Center

  • Explain HP best practices for power and cooling in the data center
  • Explain how to increase availability through power protection
  • Describe HP rack and power management software

Module 8 - Troubleshooting HP Servers

  • Identify safety symbols on ProLiant equipment
  • Describe tools used to collect troubleshooting data
  • Describe the general booting process from system reset to operating system loading
  • Identify boot process failure indicators
  • Identify reboot issues

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