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Course number H1L25S
Length 1 day
Delivery method* Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $800
CAD $880
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Special notes

This course covers the following tailored topics to help HP CloudSystem administrators/end-users get a jump-start on using and managing their HP CloudSystem Matrix environment .This course is mainly offered as a dedicated training class. Contact your HP Education Representative or your authorized HP reseller for a dedicated onsite class quote.

  1. HP CloudSystem Matrix Overview
  2. Infrastructure Orchestration
  3. Matrix OE Administration
  4. Capacity Advisor
  5. Operations Orchestration


Course overview

This one day hands-on course covers how to effectively utilize and manage the HP CloudSystem Matrix Solution. The HP CloudSystem Matrix solution topics include:

  • Review of building blocks that are part of HP CloudSystem solution including hardware, services and software
  • Dynamic infrastructure provisioning - accelerating delivery of shared infrastructure services, while reducing complexity, cutting costs, and improving reliability
  • Continuous consolidation and planning - using real-time capacity planning and logical server management to complement long-term consolidation projects with ongoing optimization, and quickly rebalance and repurpose physical and virtual servers to respond to changing business priorities
  • Energy aware planning - using real-time capacity planning capabilities to quickly and easily consolidate workloads in an energy-efficient manner
  • Improving service delivery - use recovery management features to configure disaster recovery options for an environment
  • Extending capabilities for Infrastructure and Cloud Administration and monitoring with HP Cloud Service Automation tools
  • Using configuration and management tools to provide advanced server management and troubleshooting tasks

Students will have remote access to HP CloudSystem Matrix solution for performing their hands-on labs.

Software components and/or Version:

  • HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment
  • VMware ESX
  • VMware vSphere
  • Hyper-V


The students MUST have at least one out of four requirements from below:

  1. VIP HE646X c-class Blade Administration Training or
  2. Standard deliveries of all 3 HE646S, HE643S and HK758S Blades, Insight Control and Virtual Connect courses:
  3. Or attended tailored or Custom Training event through HP Education that covered administration topics from the above courses
  4. Or equivalent HP BladeSystem ProLiant administration experience >2 years


  • Experienced c-class Blade Administrators, engineers and consultants who will manage and administer the HP CloudSystem Matrix solution in their environments.
  • HP Customers, Partners or HP Internal Employees
  • Expectation is students have deep understanding of HP BladeSystem technologies and Insight Management software

Ways to save

Course objectives

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand technical details and business value of HP CloudSystem Matrix solution and Converged Infrastructure
  • Be able to manage and optimize a HP CloudSystem Matrix environment

Benefits to you

  • This course provides HP CloudSystem administrators/end-users an opportunity to jump-start on using and managing their HP CloudSystem Matrix environment

Course outline

Module 0: Course Overview

Module 1 - Introduction to HP CloudSystem Matrix

  • HP CloudSystem and Cloud solutions
  • CloudSystem Components
    • HP BladeSystem
    • Virtual Connect and Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
    • Insight Software portfolio
      • Insight Control
      • Capacity Advisor
      • HP Matrix OE
    • Storage
      • HP StorageWorks
      • Storage Provisioning Manager
      • Remote replication
    • Network
    • HP Insight Orchestrations
    • HP Operations Orchestration
    • HP Server Automation
    • HP Network Automation
    • HP uCMDB
    • HP CloudService Automation (CSA)
    • HP Cloud Services
      • HP CloudSystem Matrix management functionality
      • Review environment dashboard

A: Infrastructure Orchestration

Module 2 –IO Self Service Portal

  • Rethinking Infrastructure Administration
  • Self Service portal features
  • Service Catalog
  • Provisioning from Orchestrated Workflows
  • Infrastructure lifecycle: Lease – bill – release

Lab 1

  • Using Self-Service Portal
  • Cost of Services conveyed via the portal
  • Lease Periods
  • How IT published a catalog of Services to set standard configurations

Module 3 – IO Designer

  • IO Designer
  • Creating Orchestrated Workflows
  • Import CloudMaps
  • Chargeback
  • Workflows

Lab 2 - Using IO Designer

  • Using IO Designer
  • Create templates for physical and virtual machine deployment

B: Matrix OE Administration

Module 4 – Managing HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment with dynamic Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Resource Pools
    • Software, Network, Storage, Server, Users
  • Deployment Strategies, physical and virtual
  • vSphere, vCenter, Server Automation, Insight Control Virtual machine management (Hyper-V), Insight Control Server Deployment (RDP) and Ignite

Lab 3

  • Create a software pool entry
  • Impact of network pools on service deployment
  • Storage Provisioning Manager
  • Server pool wizard – assign users to the pools
  • Deployment of virtual machine
  • Deployment of physical machine

Module 5 - Energy aware planning with the HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment

  • Review HP Thermal Logic capabilities
    • Intelligent Power Discover
    • Data Center Environmental Edge
    • HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure
    • ProLiant Power Regulator
    • Dynamic Power Capping
    • Platinum Power Supply
    • Sea of Sensors
  • Perform consolidation review using planning tools
  • Data Center Smart Grid
  • HP Energy Efficiency Services
  • HP Performance Optimized Data Center

    Lab 4:

    • Power management configurations
    • Reviewing Data Center Power Control

    C: Capacity Advisor

    Module 6 – Utilization and Capacity Advisor

    • Describe capacity planning functionality to optimize infrastructure confidently
    • Using Capacity Advisor
      • Infrastructure capacity and utilization
      • Forecasting Infrastructure utilization
      • Utilization limits
      • Comparison Reports

    Lab 4

    • Using Capacity Advisor for Infrastructure capacity and utilization
    • Infrastructure utilization and reporting
    • Running resource usage reports

    Module 7 - Continuous Consolidation and planning with the HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment

    • HP CloudSystem capacity planning functionality to optimize infrastructure confidently

    Lab 5

    • System Consolidation with Power Calculations
    • Create forecast scenarios
    • Workload scenario planning with Smart Solver tools
    • Power comparison reports

    D: Operations Orchestration

    Module 8 – Operations Orchestration Capabilities and Workflows

    • Operations Orchestration (OO) overview
    • OO working with IO and OO Central
    • OO Workflow execution
    • OO Studio Interface
    • Workflow Authoring
    • OO workflow integration with CloudSystem IO Components

    Lab 6: Operations Orchestration Workflow creation

    • OO Studio overview and use
    • Create OO workflow
    • Debug workflow
    • Run and check workflow
    • Integrate OO workflow into IO Orchestrated Workflow
    • Publish to Service Catalog

    Module 9: Cloud Service Automation tools for Administration and Management

    • HP Cloud Service Automation and CSA for Matrix
    • HP Server Automation
    • HP Network Automation
    • HP uCMDB
    • HP Site Scope

    Lab 7: HP CSA demos

    Module 10 - Improving service delivery with Infrastructure Protection and Recovery Functionality

    • BladeSystem Matrix Operating Environment and support to enable optional data protection
    • Recovery options from ISVs and HP
    • HP BladeSystem Matrix Operating Environment also offers recovery management capability for certain enterprise environments
    • Differentiate data protection and disaster recovery products
    • Describe HP Insight Management availability and recovery solutions
    • Describe the process for configuring an environment to implement HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment recovery management
    • Demonstration: Setup and failover of logical server failure

    Module 11 – Building out HP Converged Infrastructure to HP CloudSystem

    • Practical use case study review
    • Learning check of customer objectives
    • Course wrap-up and practical Approach of bringing your company to CI and how to introduce HP CloudSystem Matrix into your Data Center
      • Next steps
      • Best practices - Matrix planning, conversion, installation, sizing, high availability, setup services, SDR high-level process overview
      • HP CloudSystem and Converged Infrastructure Roadmap
      • Customer Example
      • CIMM (Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model) tool
      • Wrap-up


    • Case Studies
    • Concept of bursting – additional course offering.

    H1L25S B.00