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HP 3COM Fast Etherlink 3C905C-TX PCI NIC

Technical Specifications

  • Single chip solution supporting PCI 2.2 standard
  • 32 Bit data transfer with bus master for PCI interface
  • Complies with ISO 802.3, 802.3x, 802.3 Ethernet standards
  • Extensive driver support (Microsoft OnNow, PC99 compliance, ACPI compliance)
  • Optional Boot ROM chip (RPL and PXE protocols)
  • Support WOL cable
  • Full duplex, automatic 10/100 TX port selection
  • Wired for Management 2.0, upgradeable PxE support
  • LAN remote power-on functionalities and remote wake up
  • Low power consumption and sleep mode
  • Drivers provided for Windows 95/98, Windows NT4, Windows NT3.51, OS2, DOS, Windows 2000 and Novell (3.12, 4.10, 4.11)
  • 3 diagnostic LEDs for 10M link, 100M link, activity.
  • Quick and easy installation on HP Brio BA and BAx and other PCs on which drivers are preloaded.

This accessory is qualified on:

  • Vectra VL400
  • VectraVL400 SFF
  • Vectra VEi7
  • Kayak XU800
  • Kayak XM600
  • Brio BA2001
  • Brio BA210
  • Brio BA600
  • Brio BA400
  • Brio BAx
  • Brio BA
1Remote Wake Up from hibernate state not supported


  • One-year FREE PARTS Warranty if purchased as a separate accessory. The defective accessory must be returned to HP or to an HP-repair-authorized reseller and will be repaired or replaced by a new unit. If purchased with and installed in an HP Vectra PC or Kayak PC Workstation, the accessory is automatically covered by the warranty of this computer.