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HP Designjet printer, built-in HP Jetdirect 10/100 BASE-TX network card, printer stand, media bin, spindle, power cord, ink cartridges, printheads, roll of media, HP-GL/2, AutoCAD and PostScript® drivers for Windows, PostScript driver for Macintosh, ZEHRaster Plus for UNIX®, HP install network wizard, user documentation. (interface cables must be ordered separately).


The hp designjet 800ps printer (42-inch model) is a professional and robust large-format 42 inch printer for architects, engineers and GIS professionals working in technical departments. The printer delivers ultimate line and photo quality, fast. Network ready printer, a "virtual-computer" inside processes files, quickly freeing up the computer.

  • Ultimate photo quality at 2400 dpi. HP color layering technology delivers continuous tones, smooth transitions and a wide color gamut.
  • Your computer is immediately freed up as embedded processors, large memory and a powerful network card make up a "virtual computer" inside the printer.
  • Embedded Adobe® PostScript® 3TM RIP, with drivers for Mac and Windows, embedded HP-GL/2 processor, with drivers for AutoCAD and Windows. CALS G4 files also accepted.
  • Robust printer for workgroups of 3 to 10 people. Robust Plug-And-Play printer for workgroups of 3 to 10 people, immediately compatible with Mac and Windows applications (including AutoCAD). No need for a 3R party RIP.
  • 60 seconds printing time for a line drawing in super-fast mode. Color images up 85 ft2/hr. Throughput is further increased as three A3+ (B+) size prints fit side by side.
Compatible Operating Systems Windows (95, NT 4.0, XP) without USB, Windows (98, 2000) or later, Mac OS 8.5, 8.6, 9.0, ZEHRaster for UNIX®
Compatible Network Operating Systems Novell NetWare V3.11, 3.12, 4.X, 5.0; NDS (IPX/SPX); NDPS (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX); Microsoft® Windows 95; Windows 98; (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX); Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, XP; (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DLC/LLC); Microsoft Windows 2000; IBM OS/2 WARP V3.0, 4.0; (TCP/IP, DLC/LLC; HP-UX V10.X, 11.X; Sun Solaris 2.5X, 2.6; IBM AIX V3.2.5 and later; MPE-IX V5.5 (TCP/IP); line printer Daemon (LPD); Apple System 7.0 and later (EtherTalk); Artisoft LANtastic V7.0 (DLC/LLC); Internet printing protocol
Dimensions, US (W x D x H) 67 x 27 x 43 in
Media Types Bright White Inkjet Paper (bond), Translucent Bond, Natural Tracing Paper, Vellum, Clear Film, Matte Film, Coated Paper, Heavyweight Coated Paper, High-Gloss Photo Paper, Semi-Gloss Photo Paper, Paper-Based Semi-Gloss, Satin Poster Paper, Studio Canvas, Banners with Tyvek, Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl
Memory, Std 160 MB
Memory, Max 160 MB
Media Sizes, Custom, U.S
  • 8.3 to 42 in wide sheets; 24
  • 36
  • and 42 in rolls
Media Sizes, Standard, International
  • ISO AO
  • ISO A1
  • ISO A2
  • ISO A3
  • ISO A4
  • JIS B4
  • JIS B3
  • JIS B2
  • JIS B1
Media Sizes, Standard U.S
  • ANSI A
  • ANSI B
  • ANSI C
  • ANSI D
  • ANSI E
  • ARCH A
  • ARCH B
  • ARCH C
  • ARCH D
  • ARCH E
  • ARCH E1
Print resolution, Black 2400 x 1200 dpi on HP Premium Photo papers
Print resolution, Color 2400 x 1200 dpi on HP Premium Photo paper
Print Cartridges 4 (1 each black, cyan, magenta, yellow)
Print Languages, Std Adobe® PostScript® 3, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, CALS G4, (TIFF and JPEG files from UNIX®, Linux and Windows NT via ZEHRaster Plus)
Print Colors Yes
Print technology HP Thermal Inkjet
Scalable Typefaces
  • 136 PostScript® built-in Roman fonts
  • Asian PostScript fonts in-the-box
  • Morisawa fonts for Japan
  • support for Sandoll
  • Hancom and Yoon PS fonts and Arphic for Taiwan
Warranty Features One-year warranty with free on-site, next business-day service, backed by HP support centers around the world. HP Supportpacks and service agreements allow you to extend your warranty to up to five years, and can provide around-the-clock service with a response time of within 4 hours, every day of the year (depending on the country)
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