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HP Organize Drag & Drop Spot: how it works

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Maximize your HP Organize

The HP Organize Drag & Drop Spot is your one source for the latest:
  • Drag & Drop items
  • Download items

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    More about Drag & Drop items

    The Drag & Drop Spot provides you access to files, websites, and offers—always something new to enhance your computing experience. Simply drag what you want from the HP Organize Drag & Drop Spot and drop it into your HP Organize. Your HP Organize now gives you one-click access to the link(s) you selected. It's that simple.

    More about Download items

    Downloading a new skin allows you to personalize the look of your HP Organize. To download a new skin for your HP Organize, simply select the look you want from the available selections, click the download button associated with it, and wait while HP Organize applies the new look. It's that simple.

    A final word

    The HP Organize Drag & Drop Spot provides you a single, always up-to- date source for Drag & Drop items and Download items, allowing you to personalize—and maximize—your HP Organize.

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