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Is your waiting room more of a "bored" room?

Most medical professionals used to believe that patient care started as soon as the patient entered the exam room. But now, a whole new philosophy is emerging: patient care starts in the waiting room.

Take a moment to think about the care your patient is getting in your waiting room. Do they experience boredom, are they relegated to reading old magazines, or worse, do they feel frustration as they focus in on the tick-tock of the clock as the minutes slowly pass?

Don't wait on your waiting room

If you're looking to upgrade your patients waiting time experience, we have two words for you: digital signage.

Digital signage monitors offer medical practices the unique ability to communicate with, educate and entertain patients as they wait. By placing digital signage displays in your waiting room you can help make the wait more enjoyable for your patients and those accompanying them. These monitors can display a blend of news, health and wellness information, and perhaps best of all – your own promotional content.

Communicate, educate and entertain

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By using digital signage, medical providers can:

  1. Communicate key information to patients – Is there a policy about lab test results, insurance, or appointment cancellations for instance, that you'd like to publicize to your patient community? With digital signage it's easy to make changes on the fly and display both static and revolving messages.
  2. Educate – If only you wouldn't get the same questions over and over again! Instead of providing redundant answers to each of your patients day-in and day-out, educate them while they wait. For example, you could give them a list of considerations on whether they should get an H1N1 flu shot or you could inform them about the skin care products that you sell to remedy common afflictions. If there is general wellness information that you'd like to share, then that should get a spot on your digital signage too. Your patients can be learning about the topics they're interested in, instead of watching the clock and stewing about how long they're waiting!
  3. Entertain – sometimes patients just want to be entertained in the waiting room. With digital signage you can have one of the display zones tuned into any TV channel. If you're clientele is made up mostly of adults, maybe you'd set it to a popular news channel. Commonly have kids in your waiting room? Then setting it to a child-friendly station like Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel would make sense.

HP has digital signage solutions for your practice

If you're looking for an end-to-end hardware solution to easily manage your digital signage then look no further than HP. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, an HP Thin Client, Business PC or Workstation is set up to hold your data and control your updates.
  2. Then transmitters, splitters and remote receivers deliver seamless audio and video over your network.
  3. Completing the connection, HP digital signage monitors brilliantly show off your images, text, video or animations.
  4. Finally, to enhance the experience, you can add speakers, mounting options and security locks.

To learn more about how to integrate digital signage into your medical practice, speak to an HP product specialist. Call 1-800-888-8380.

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