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» Business to Business Integration details and benefits

Logging on to Business to Business site

Who can use the Business to Business site? Business to Business is a private site for our business customers - small-to-medium businesses through global accounts - who have an established relationship with HP with pre-negotiated pricing.

How do I begin using the site?

  • Existing accounts
    If your company has already set up a private Business to Business site, contact your company site administrator to acquire the PIN and then click on New User Registration Form For Existing Company Account(*). When that form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and be asked to select a personal user name, password and hint. You can then begin accessing the information tools on Business to Business. Once your profile has been set, you will receive access to the purchasing tools on the site.

    (*) Some accounts can be set up using company specific registration pages communicated by your hp contact.
  • New accounts
    The first time you log-on, select your country in the drop-down menu.

    In the US: If your company does not currently have an Business to Business site, click on the appropriate link based on your company size under "Set Up New Company Account" and submit the completed online form. You will be contacted by an HP representative to begin the account and catalog set-up process which can be completed in a matter of days.

    In Europe, Middle East and Africa: Contact your HP sales representative to find out if your company is eligible to participate in the Business to Business Site.

    If you have already gone through one of the processes above, you may simply log-in from hits page with your user name and password.

I forgot my password. How can I get a reminder?
Click on "forgot password?" in the bottom right-hand corner. If this is your first time re-entering the tool and you do not remember your password, you may contact your HP eBusiness representative or eBusinessSupport at 1-800-607-3567. Or, enter your email address and your password will be sent to you via email. Business to Business site Business to Business site provides one secure site for business customers with relevant information and purchasing tools they need to do eBusiness with HP. Capabilities from a host of pre-merger tools are being integrated into this comprehensive site to make doing eBusiness with HP more efficient than ever. This process is being completed in a phased approach and is available for SMB - Corporate, and Enterprise customers.

Who are the target customers for Business to Business? Business to Business site is available for our business customers who wish to have an online relationship with HP. Our business customers range from Small to Medium businesses all the way up through our largest corporate and global accounts.

What are the customer benefits of Business to Business site? Business to Business site provides purchasing efficiency with:

          Quick access and personalization

  • One user name and password gets users to all the tools and information they need from HP
  • Online support tools, such as warranty status and product guides
  • Order status and reporting
  • HP account team contact information
  • Users can personalize their home page by selecting to view relevant content making each visit faster and easier
  • Access to customer-specific pricing, product catalogs and customer-specific custom bundles

          Online collaboration and targeted content

  • Tools to facilitate two-way communication between customers and their HP teams
  • Content provided based on a customer's user profile

Why should I use Business to Business? Business to Business takes our relationship with you to a new level. It provides you with an easy, efficient, and secure way of communicating and conducting business with HP. It help us get to know you better and respond to your needs faster and more completely throughout the sales cycle. Specific tools in Business to Business include: online purchasing from your customized catalog and special pricing, online support tools, order reporting capabilities and online collaboration tools (see above for additional benefits).

Can I order products that are not in the catalog?
Yes, customers may order any products they choose to setup through their purchase agreement with HP. However, if your Business to Business site has been set up with your standards catalog only, then you would need to request the addition of products to your online standard or general catalog. In the meantime, you may order the new product through your account manager or the call center.

Is it possible to order third party products through our site?
Yes, it is possible to order selected third party products through the Business to Business site. Once the customer selects the third party products and has gained agreement from the account team to have them fulfilled, they will need to be added to the online catalog before an order can be placed.

How long does it take before I can begin using Business to Business Site?
You can self-register for Business to Business by following the instructions for logging on to Business to Business site. If your company has already deployed a site, you will gain access as soon as your site administrator approves your registration. If your company does not have an existing site, your registration will begin the set-up process. Business to Business Integration

For enterprise and corporate customers who have an internal e-procurement infrastructure and processes, Business to Business Integration, enables a customer to order HP products through their own internal purchasing site. We enable this by integrating their custom catalog content into their e-procurement or ERP system.

What is the customer target for this offering?
Due to infrastructure costs, enterprise and corporate/global accounts are currently the most likely candidates for this offering.

What e-procurement platform partners do we currently integrate with?
Using industry-standard protocols, we can tightly integrate our catalog with the following leading platforms:

  • Ariba
  • SAP
  • Commerce One
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • I2/RightWorks

What are the customer benefits of Business to Business Integration?
The B2Bi benefits are consistent with those of e-procurement:

  • Automated end to end transaction processing reduces transaction costs
  • Reduced order time through automated approval routing and order submission
  • Decreased administrative/clerical errors by reducing paperwork
  • Streamlined purchasing from standard catalogs and pre-defined workflows. Increased contract compliance and visibility to special negotiated pricing
  • Enables standardization of the customer's IT environment by specifying company product standards within the catalog

Additionally, by integrating into the customer's e-procurement system and leveraging pre-existing business processes, customers maximize the ROI on their internal system. There is little to no training required for their users, a higher and faster adoption rate, plus end-to-end process through integration with their back end systems.

How long does it take to set a customer up on Business to Business Integration?
Depending upon the complexity of the customer's requirements, set-up can happen within a matter of days once the requirements are determined. Global deployments often take longer to complete. Some of the variables to be considered are geographic scope, desired functionality, state of customer's internal e-procurement efforts, centralization or decentralization of customer's business, and product set.

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