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At HP, we understand our largest customers may have special requirements to do business globally. Whether a customer is doing business in one country or 50, communicating in a single language or many, HP provides Web-enabled tools to help our customers manage their relationship with HP on a global scale efficiently.

With Business to Business you can significantly reduce your ownership costs, minimize clerical errors, decrease transaction costs, reduce ordering time and be more productive.

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Benefits of Business to Business website include:

Rich, relevant content such as product information based on your personal profile, account-specific documents and communication from your HP account team.

Easy-to-use navigation with customized quick access to the tools and information you use most.

Streamlined purchasing through your company-specific catalog and approval workflow allow for efficient order processing and adherence to company IT standards.

Smooth, simple site administration enables easy management of your Business to Business website.

Global reach with access from around the world and the ability to purchase across multiple catalogs through a single site. Simplified usage, global delivery, and services such as global roll-up order reporting.

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For those customers who have an internal e-procurement infrastructure and processes, Business to Business Integration, enables ordering of HP products through the customer's own internal system. Learn more.

*Capabilities vary by region.

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